Solving heavy industry challenges with Altair's next generation simulation suite

This presentation illustrates how Altair’s latest simulation product updates can facilitate and accelerate customers’ product design cycles by addressing specific tasks for both designers and engineers, from part to system level structural design, spanning from concept- to detailed development stages.

Within the context of an excavation scenario, we will show a range of solutions with a focus on the following:
- optimization of an excavator arm with regards to structural performance and fatigue life assessment under realistic loading conditions,
- rapid, early loadcase evaluation and improvement of structural robustness by performing detailed design exploration of a truck trailer assembly,
- improvement of Roll-Over-Protective Structure test results of an excavator cabin by applying Altair’s innovative C123 optimization,

A technical overview of aforementioned solutions is followed by relevant software demonstrations of updated model build & exploration workflows within the new HyperWorks user interface, integrated Inspire solutions for Motion & Structural analysis, along with automatic CAD redesign & CAD parametric optimization processes.

Presented at the ATCx Heavy Equipment in May 2021.

Speaker: Alexander Gnech, Technical Manager, Altair

Duration: 20 minutes

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