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Global ATC 2020

KTex Family Datasheet

KTex Family is a set of tools (integrated in HyperMesh or stand-alone) dedicated to composite material at the scale of the yarns. Their aim is to take into account the manufacturing process in the assessment of the mechanical properties of the material.


Process Simulation of Parts Made with Complex Fabrics

This webinar demonstrates how KTex tools available through the Altair Partner Alliance, can help predict the mechanical behavior of structural parts made with complex fabrics, taking in to account their manufacturing process. Webinar highlights:

  • Easy model-building of complex fabrics and stacks
  • High precision simulation of the lay-up process
  • Minimize fabric and part testing
  • Predictive simulation of the fibers movement
  • Complete customizability of the composite stack and the manufactured part


Cedrem Showcase Video

5-minute introductory video describing how KTex and HUByx by Cedrem offer dynamism and creativity in developing new numerical tools and new composite materials that lead to a service at the cutting edge of innovation.


Blog: Lay-Up Simulations to Choose the Best Fabric Pattern for an Aeronautic Radome

This article focuses on weather radars mounted on small airplanes. They help planning routes before take-off and adapting during the flight depending on weather conditions.

Technical Document

Lay-up Simulations to Choose the Best Fabric Pattern for an Aeronautic Radome

This webinar is about simulating the draping of the radome with different fabric pattern and choose the best. The choice of the best pattern will be based on the draping results, the fabric aspect, the fiber orientation, and if possible, on electromagnetic performance. The webinar will be based on Altair’s Aero Wing concept, and will present KTex Family of tools created by CEDREM.


Partner Spotlight: CEDREM

Edouard Ferry, Engineer at CEDREM, discusses composites software, KTEX Family, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


Use Case: KTex Family for Manufacturing

Predicting the impact of the manufacturing process on composite materials.

Use Cases

Top Use Cases: KTex Family

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the composites software, KTex Family.

Use Cases

KTex Family for Defense

Composite simulation is a hot topic among defense, safety and security companies. Many issues are still unanswered. CEDREM and KTex Family can help address these concerns.


Introduction to KTex Family by CEDREM

KTex Family is a set of tools dedicated to composite materials to represent them precisely at the scale of the yarns and take into account the impact of manufacturing processes on their mechanical properties.